Historical high: The dollar exceeds threshold of RON 5


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The American dollar exceeded the threshold of 5 lei. At the official rate of the BNR, one US dollar is quoted at 5.0103 lei. Euro reached the value of 4.9412 lei, down slightly compared to yesterday.

The dollar, which is considered a safe-haven currency, is rising in stock markets, especially after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of partial mobilization.

Problems in energy markets, after Moscow cut gas supplies to Europe, have led to a drop in the euro and a rise in the dollar in recent months. The rise of the dollar will have the effect of increasing the price of gas and oil, which are traded on the international market in US currency.

There are growing concerns that the price could be a hard recession. All over the world, central banks are trying to bring inflation under control. At the beginning of the month, the European Central Bank also increased its rates by three quarters of a percentage point, something unheard of until now.


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