Hundreds of Romanians unable to justify amounts of up to RON 20m

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Over 100 natural persons of the 313 individuals selected by ANAF in the first phase of fiscal controls would have to justify amounts between RON 1 million and RON 5 million.
Thus, 118 individuals were found with unjustified wealth between RON 1 million and RON 5 million, 48 natural persons with wealth of RON 5 million to RON 10 million, 35 individuals with RON 10 million to RON 20 million and 18 taxpayers must justify amounts of RON 20 million, according to the fiscal risk intervals transmitted by ANAF for the first 313 people selected for the preliminary fiscal verification documentation (VFPD), resulting from risk analyses carried out in May.
These people must justify the difference between funding allocations and expenditures, for making deposits or investments in a certain interval, from which the non-taxable sources have been deducted, and the declared incomes in the same period.
Another 40 people were identified with sums to be justified of RON 500,000 to RON 1 million, 45 people with sums between RON 100,000 lei to RON 500,000, and 9 taxpayers have to justify differences of some RON 50,000 to RON 100,000.

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