Investment funds assets in Romania amounted to RON 41.9bn in November 2015

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The assets of the investment funds in Romania, others than the ones on the monetary market, amounted to RON 41.9 billion in November 2015, by 0.1% lower against the previous month, the National Bank of Romania (BNR) informs.
Of the total amount, more than RON 18 billion are equity (including shares/fund units of the Investment Funds), some RON 15.9 billion – debt securities, RON 5.69 billion – receivables from deposits and loans, RON 2.05 billion – shares/ fund units of the Investment Funds and the rest are non-financial assets and other assets.
The total amount of shares/ fund units issued by residents exceeded RON 30.5 billion in November, of which RON 21.4 billion were of the households.
The total value belonging to non-residents amounted to RON 9.07 billion (down by 2.15% against October) of which only RON 1.91 billion (-0.73%) from the eurozone.

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