KPMG: Romania ranks 79th out of 127 countries according to the degree of readiness for change

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Romania ranks 79th out of 127 countries on the index regarding the readiness for change, according to a ranking conducted by KPMG in collaboration with Oxford Economics, said Tuesday Serban Toader, partner with KPMG, during the conference to present the survey.
“For me it is surprising and disappointing Romania ranks 79th out of 127 countries, between Tanzania and Mozambique. By comparison, the Czech Republic ranks 28th, Hungary ranks 29th, Slovakia 30th, Kazakhstan 31st, Poland 32nd, and even Bulgaria is 47th,” said Toader.
Romania is included for the first time in the ranking on readiness for change this year.
The KPMG representative explained that the index is calculated on three pillars, namely business (entrepreneurship capabilities), government capability (tax, regulation and security) and the capability of civil society (civil society institutions, the inclusion level, education, health and the technology side).
Regarding the business environment, Romania is ranked 79th, in the government capability ranks 86th and for civil society ranks 68th, said the KPMG representative.

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