Kubo Ice Cream has gone bankrupt

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Kubo Ice Cream, one of the largest ice-cream producers on the local market, producer of ‘Amicii’ brand, has gone bankrupt two years after filing for insolvency, ‘Ziarul financiar’ informs.

The Neamt Court ruling reads “the bankruptcy general procedure is to start against debtor Kubo Ice Cream Company SRL, the debtor is dissolved and the right of administration suspended.” Activ Judiciar I.P.U.R.L. and Pro Capital Restructuring I.P.U.R.L. have been named as liquidators.

Among the creditors of the company are Orkla Foods Romania, Kaufland Romania, Unilever Bulgaria, MOL Romania or Eco-Rom Ambalaje, the same source informs.

Kubo Ice Cream had a turnover of RON 18 million in 2016 (the latest figures available), down by 34% against the previous year, the Finance Ministry informs.

The company’s losses amounted to RON 6.9 million, three times higher than in the previous year. The company filed for insolvency in 2016, claiming lack of necessary liquidity to pay the debts to the creditors.

In 2016, the company’s debts amounted to RON 16.8 million, down by 14% against the previous year.


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