Loans to the non-government sector – 0.8 pct higher this July compared to June

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Loans granted by credit institutions to the non-government sector were 0.8 pct higher this July compared to June, at 272.164 billion RON, according to a press release by the National Bank of Romania (NBR) on Tuesday.

RON-denominated loans stood at 68.2 pct of the total, up 1.3 pct, and foreign currency-denominated loans expressed in domestic RON, accounting for 31.8 pct of non-government loans, dipped 0.4 percent (expressed in EUR, the drop was 0.2 pct).

Compared to the year-ago period, loans to the non-government sector were 3.6 pct higher (0.8 pct in real terms), on account of the 6.1 pct advance of the RON-denominated component (3.2 pct in real terms) and of the 1.3 pct decline in the foreign currency-denominated component expressed in RON (expressed in EUR, the forex component was 3.3 pct less).

The credit to the general government was 1.6 pct higher in July 2020 compared to the month before, at 133.507 billion RON, and 29.5 pct higher (26.0 pct in real terms) YoY.

Broad money (M3) as of end-July 2020 amounted to 446.125 billion RON, 0.5 pct up in both real and nominal terms from June 2020 and 14 pct higher compared to July 2019 (+10.9 pct in real terms).

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