Local leaders who migrate from a party to another to lose administration positions


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The Romanian Constitutional Court ruled the Gov’t emergency ordinance regarding local leaders’ migration as unconstitutional. The ordinance will go back in Parliament which is to decide how to enforce CCR ruling.

In translated words, the Constitutional Court ruling means the local leaders who leave a party and join another one will lose their local administration positions.

The Gov’t no 55 ordinance that allowed local leaders migration was enacted on December 9 by the Senate and soon after, the Liberal lawmakers challenged it to the Constitutional Court, slamming ruling Social Democrat Party that is eyeing to make electoral migration official.

However, CCR ruling doesn’t clarify if the law is retrospective and the local leaders who have recently left their parties can lose their mandates.

The ruling party and the opposition representatives seem to already disagree on that. While Liberal MP Teodor Nicolescu said the ordinance no.55 shall go back in Parliament to be vetoed and to stipulate the retroactive cease of the migrator local leaders’ mandates, PSD deputy Ciprian Nica stated the CCR decision refers only to the future situations and the local leaders who have already left for another party would stay there, without losing their positions.

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