Mercedes Benz considers opening car factory in Romania

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Motor car manufacturer Daimler is planning to become the largest premium car manufacturer in the world, with big plans ahead Mercedes Benz in Romania. To achieve this goal, Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Daimler AG board of directors, said a new plant is needed. It could be built in Romania, where Daimler has a factory that produces gearboxes in Sebes, Alba County (Central-western Romania), Ziarul Financiar informs.
“The decision on the new plant is a very rational process in which we compare all aspects of education level, availability of labour force, logistics, infrastructure, how easy it is to do business in that country, distance to suppliers and customers. Romania can be a solution. In Romania we have a positive experience due to the gearbox factory, which is very good. It’s an advantage for Romania that we have a factory for gearboxes there,” said Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of Daimler AG board of directors.
“We are already manufacturing beyond the installed technical capacity by additional shifts, and at some point we will reach the moment when we will need additional capacity for new production. Now expand in Brazil, South Africa and other countries, in China for example. But a moment will come when we will need a new plant at European level. It is unlikely to add an additional production capacity in Germany as growth doesn’t come from there,” said Zetsche.
In Romania, Daimler group started in 2013 an investment plan of EUR 300 million in a gearbox plant in Sebes.

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