National currency, lowest level against USD in the past two years

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The reference exchange rate between the national currency and the European single currency has reached 4.7581 units, whereas the RON has depreciated against the US Dollar to the lowest level of the past two years: 4.2781 units, the National Bank of Romania (BNR) informs on Thursday.

On the international markets, the EUR has fallen to the lowest level of the past 22 months, due to the weak economic growth in Germany and the political uncertainties in Spain, informs.

The US Dollar has reached an exchange rate of RON 4.2739, up from RON 4.2421 a day before, the lowest level for the national currency since March 15, 2017 when the exchange rate against the USD was of 4.2781 units.

The RON/Swiss franc exchange rate is 4.1831 units, up from 4.1644 units on Wednesday and the RON/GBP exchange rate is 5.5051 units.

The gram of gold is up to RON 175.4578 against RON 173.6953 on Wednesday.

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