Net average earning, down by 8.1 pc in January. IT sector still has the biggest gains

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The average net nominal earning was RON 1,943 last January, decreasing as against the previous month with RON 171 (-8.1 percent), according to National Institute of Statistics (INS) data on Wednesday. The average gross nominal earnings were RON 2,688, by 8.3 percent lower than the one registered in December 2015.

In January 2016 as against the previous month, the level of the average net earnings registered decreases in the majority of activities belonging to the economic sector, due to granting in December 2015 of occasional bonuses (including quarterly, annual or holiday bonuses), payments in kind and other allowances, amounts from the net profit and other funds (including meal vouchers and gift tickets).

Also, the average net earnings in January decreased by comparison with the previous month due to lower production achievements or the receipts level (depending on contracts/projects), as well as staff hiring with low earnings.

Increases of the average net earnings as compared to the previous month were registered in the economic sector only in real estate activities (+2.6 percent), computer programming, consultancy and related activities (including information service activities) (+0.7 percent) and were mainly due to occasional bonuses, production achievements or higher receipts (depending on contracts).

At the same time, the most significant decreases in the average net earnings have been recorded by 33.1 percent in forestry and logging (including fishing and aquaculture), respectively by 30.9 percent in manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products.

According to INS data, in the budgetary sector were registered decreases of the average net earnings as against the previous month in education (-1.9 percent), respectively in public administration (-1.4 percent). In health and social assistance the average net earnings slightly increased as against the previous month (+0.2 percent).

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