New increases in electricity tariffs, more likely. ANRE has approved Transelectrica to increase the system tariff

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The National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) has approved Transelectrica to increase by 28% the tariff for the system service as of with January 1, 2018.

Paradoxically, Transelectrica, national energy transport operator, has granted to the state in the autumn this year dividends amounting to RON 181 million, which normally should have been paid only if the company is profitable. Now Transelectrica argues its request to raise the tariff according to the estimated losses in Q4, informs.

ANRE decided on Wednesday a RON 2.67/MWh increase of the tariff for Transelectrica’s system service. The reason is the loss of RON 100 million that Transelectrica reportedly recorded in the fourth quarter. The official estimates are that there will be a 0.6% increase in the final energy price for the household consumers. In fact, the increase could be more substantial.

ANRE has decided to revise the tariff for the system service from RON 9.39/MWh to RON 12.06/MWh, i.e. up by RON 2.67/MWh.

According to, Transelectrica has asked ANRE to enforce as of January 1, 2018 some mechanisms to adjust the system tariffs, estimating losses of RON 100 million in the fourth quarter related to the system’s technological services.

Since the state collected dividends during the year, without knowing how the year would end financially for the state companies, the situation is absurd as the state collects money, Transelectrica registers losses and wants to recover the money from the distribution operators and end consumers through the bills paid by the latter.

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