One dead, five injured as bread factory bursts into flames in Brasov


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A man who was pulled from the rubble after blast occurred Thursday evening at Vel Pitar factory in Brasov and who had suffered burns and multiple traumas has died on Friday morning in the hospital, according to the spokesman of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Brasov Captain Ciprian Sfreja.

The man was 31 years old and was blocked about two hours under the rubble until being removed.

An explosion followed by a fire took place at a bread factory in Brasov on Thursday night. Vel Pitar bakery plant suffered an explosion followed by a fire near the city’s stadium, few minutes before the end of a football match.

The fire has been eventually damped down, while five persons out of those 11 reportedly being in the building at the moment of the explosion got out the plant on their feet, safe and sound. Other six persons were injured and rushed to the County Emergency Hospital, as Brasov Prefect Mihai Mohaci told journalists. Three of the six injured are in serious condition.

According to Brasov Mayor George Scripcaru, first investigations reveal the deflagration ocurred because the concentration of the flour powders in an enclosed space was not respected.

Experts say that if certain conditions are not respected during the production process, in an enclosed space the steams from the flour that reach a certain temperature can lead to a blast.

Initially, State Secretary Raed Arafat mentioned that more victims are being searched for, as there are suspicions that other people may lie under the rubble. Interior Ministry’s Secretary of State Raed Arafat and Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu also arrived in Brasov.

A Plan Red had taken effect, first response crews being doubled by emergency crews mobilized from bordering counties.

Following the blast, a lot of broken glass spread in the courtyards of the houses located nearby the factory.

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