Oops! It did it again… RON hits new record low against EUR

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The national currency has depreciated on Thursday by 0.6 bani (+0.13%) against the European currency, reaching another historical low, the exchange rate set by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) being RON 4.6890/EUR, down against Wednesday (RON 4.6830).

The national currency has also lost ground against the US Dollar, down to an exchange rate of RON 4,1126/USD, by 0.63 bani (0.15%) lower as compared to Wednesday’s exchange rate of RON 4.1063/USD.

On the other hand, the national currency has appreciated against the Swiss Franc, by 1.02 bani (-0.24%). Thus, the CHF exchange rate reached RON 4.1453, as compared to RON 4.1555 a day before.

The gram of gold is up by RON 0.88 (0.51%), to RON 171.1534, up from RON 170.2727.


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