PM Tudose denies new tax for banks is in store. Surprise visit at Tarom

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Prime Minister Mihai Tudose denied on Thursday that a new tax is in store for the bank operating in Romania.

“Not at all!” Tudose replied when asked by Bloomberg about this option.

One day earlier PNL Senator Florin Citu said the government is getting prepared to introduce a tax of 0.5% on the banks’ and insurance companies’ assets. “All in all, this tax will be paid by all of us,” Citu said in an interview.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose attacked the banks on Tuesday at ‘Romania TV’ private broadcaster for the second time in the past few weeks, saying he has no confidence in them. Tudose said he refused to have his salary on the card, because he does not want to give any commission to the banks, because some of them believe they are smarter than the Romanian state.

“I do not have much money in the bank. I have refused to have my salary on the card. I do not want to pay any commission to the banks. I personally had an experience with an account where I had USD 500 and after two years I was called by the bank to give USD 50 more. As Prime Minister I have another position. You work with our money and you have no profit, then I believe you have a management problem, or you will continue to think we are stupid that we do not realize what you are doing. I believe it is enough. There are some serious banks and there are banks that believe they are smarter than the Romanian state,” Tudose said.

Surprise visit at Tarom

PM Mihai Tudose has paid a surprise visit at Tarom national air carrier and at the Henri Coanda Airport on Thursday.

Tudose said he wants to learn about the problems faced by the two companies and if they could be supported in any way.

“There is availability from the management staff of the two companies to carry on restructuring and to move the management to another level. This was not a control visit, just a visit. Tarom and the Henri Coanda Airport are symbols of Romania, interface for anyone arriving to Romania, this is the first picture,” PM Tudose said.

He added, after the talks with the Tarom interim management and the Airport’s manager. “I understand the plans are good, there is will to work, availability to restructuring and better management. I wish them luck and I assured them of government support.” Asked about Tarom’s problems, Mihai Tudose said there are a lot of problems.

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