Political crisis hits the national currency. RON – the lowest level since August 2012

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The national currency is influenced by the political crisis and governmental uncertainties, caught between the disputes between PSD leader Liviu Dragnea and PM Sorin Grideanu.

RON has depreciated on Thursday against the main international currencies. The EUR soared by 0.45% up to 4.5672 RON per unit. It is the highest level for the European currency since August 2012, during the crisis of suspending the then President Traian Basescu.

USD appreciated by 0.81% to 4.1082 RON per unit, whereas the Swiss Franc appreciated to 4.2164 RON per unit. The British Pound also soared to 5.2175 RON per unit.

The price of gold went up to RON 166.2777 per gram.

The chairman of the Fiscal Council, Ionut Dumitru, said on Thursday the effects of political tensions on economy depend on the duration and on the way the government is influenced.

“Generally speaking, political tensions do no good to the economy. Everything depends on how long the situation will last and if the government activity is affected,” Dumitru said, according to ziare.com.

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