Private companies reply to PM Tudose: Your public message is profoundly false and harmful to the Romanian society

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The Coalition for Romania’s Development, which brings together 2,000 companies, Romanian and foreign, with 600,000 employees and with a turnover of EUR 50 billion a year, has taken an unprecedented stance on Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, who has set as its target on the multinationals and the banks, accusing them that they do not report profits, by outsourcing their profits, avoiding payments to the state budget.

“The public message launched by you on behalf of the Romanian Government, that the business environment is the one that generates the lack of budget funds for schools, infrastructure or medical services, is profoundly false and harmful to the Romanian society. In the private sector (as well as in the budget area), there are mistakes, there are problems, there are people and companies that do tax evasion and do not observe the laws. But the vast majority of the business environment is fair and it is the one that produces well-being in Romania. The companies with foreign capital (many of them multinationals), banks and hundreds of thousands of Romanian entrepreneurs respect their employees and the laws of the country. They are the ones who provide the money from which teachers and doctors, magistrates and judges are paid, from which schools and hospitals are built. It is the money that supports the public administration, the money with which Romania is developing. All these companies and all these entrepreneurs must be respected,” the Coalition for Romania’s Development said on Sunday in a public statement.

The coalition asks the prime minister to come up with clear evidence and company names that do what he claims in his speeches.

“If the Government has clear evidence that there are companies with domestic or foreign capital that do not observe the law, please make them public and inform the competent institutions,” the Coalition says.

PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea and Prime Minister Mihai Tudose have accused multinationals and banks of supporting people take to the streets for protests against to changes in the justice system and now against the adoption by the Government of the ‘tax revolution’ and the transfer of social security contributions from the employer to the employee, which needs the increase of the gross salary so that the net salary remains at the same level.

The coalition concludes this public protest by asking the Prime Minister who will pay if Romania’s investment position will be affected as a result of tax changes and of the rhetoric against multinationals and banks (most of which are part of foreign financial groups).

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