Public roads in Romania – in poor condition, INS figures reveal

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The length of modernised public roads in Romania has grown by 2.9% in 2017 against 2016, the National Statistics Institute (INS) revealed on Wednesday. Out of the 86,088 km of public roads, more than one third (35%) are cobbled or are covered with dirt. Only 34,900 km (40.5%) are modernised and 21,074 km are roads with light clothing.

In terms of technical status, 41.4% are modernised roads and 48.2% of the light clothing roads have their service duration exceeded.

At the end of 2017, out of the total of 86,099 public roads, some 20.5% (17,654 km) were national roads, 40.8% (35,149 km) were county roads and 38.7% (33,296 km) communal roads.

Out of the national roads, 35.1% (6.200 km) were European roads, 4.3% (763 km) highways.

In terms of lanes, 290 km (1.6%) were roads with three lanes, 1,826 km (10.3%) roads with four lanes and 0.1% (22 km) roads with six lanes.

The railway lines of public utility were of 10,774 km.

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