Radu Graţian Gheţea – removed from the position of Chairman of the Board of CEC Bank

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Radu Graţian Gheţea is no longer Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEC Bank. Last year he was removed also from the position of CEO.

The new Chairman of the Board of CEC Bank is Valentin Mavrodin, the head of the State Treasury, advarul.ro informs. The change was decided by the Finance Ministry, sole shareholder of CEC Bank.

The change may be noticed on the CEC Bank website, the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors being Valetin Mavrodin, the same source reports.

CEC Bank Vice-president Gheroghe Carabasan has also been removed from the leadership, but no other person has been appointed to take over the office.

At the end of 2018, Radu Ghetea was replaced as CEO of CEC Bank by Laurentiu Mitrache. Ghetea has held the bank’s executive and administrative leadership since 2007. At the beginning of 2018, the state decided to separate the two positions.

Radu Ghetea is one of the known Romanian bankers, with a career of 30 year in the banking system.

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