Reaction to Dragnea’s statements: FIC says unfounded attacks against multinationals bring concern to foreign investors

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The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) representatives have said on Wednesday, replying to Liviu Dragnea’s statements on Tuesday, that these are unfounded attacks which bring concern to the community they represent.

“The Foreign Investors Council wants a stable and predictable business environment. The unfounded attacks against ‘multinationals’ can only bring concern to the FIC community, as they do not contribute to a climate of confidence needed in a modern market economy, such as Romania’s. Besides that, we are not in the position to respond to general statements about multinational companies, which were not accompanied by proves and accurate information,” the FIC representatives said, according to

PSD Chairman, Liviu Dragnea, attacked some foreign companies Tuesday night, charging them of being behind the #rezist movement. Dragnea argued he is under attack due to the decisions made and because he disagrees with the methods used by foreign companies in order not to pay all taxes.


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