Regional GDP – Bucharest, ahead of Madrid, Berlin and Rome. Gap between Romanian regions increases

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The standard of living in the Bucharest-Ilfov region was in 2016 at 139% of the EU average, according to the GDP/capita by the standard purchasing parity power (adjusted to the national prices) conducted by Eurostat.

Thus, Bucharest is ahead of European metropolitan areas such as Madrid (125%), Berlin (118%), Rome (110%) and Lisbon (102%), informs.

Given the level of prices of only 50.7% of the European average, the EUR 20,500/capita in nominal value is equivalent to EUR 40,400/capita as purchasing power. Both thresholds of EUR 20,000 and EUR 40,000 have been exceeded for the first time.

Three regions of development in Romania are among the poorest regions in Europe, against five regions two years ago. The western region is 60% of the EU average and overall two regions are at the same level.

The bad news is that the gap between the rich and poor regions of the country has increased, concomitantly with the gap between Bucharest and the rest of the country.

The three regions poor in the EU:

  • North-East region – 34% of the EU average, fifth in the ranking of European poverty;
  • South-Western region Oltenia – 42%, 7th position;
  • South-Muntenia – 46%, 12-13th position, along with northern Greece.


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