Reuters survey: RON will depreciate, Czech Crown and Polish Zloty will appreciate

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The Romanian national currency has the poorest evolution among the eastern-European currencies, and could depreciated by about 1% by year-end, whereas the Czech Crown could appreciate by 2%, a survey conducted by Reuters during March 1-6, 2019 reads., quoting the survey, informs that RON has depreciated by almost 2% in December.

Analysts believe the Czech currency will appreciate by about 2%, following the decision of the central bank to increase the reference interest rate up to 1.75%.

The economic growth reached 2.8% in Q4 2018 in the Czech Republic, whereas in Poland and Hungary the growth is close to 5%.

The interviewed analysts expect a Forint appreciation by 0.6% against the European single currency, and by 1.1% of the Polish Zloty.

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