Ridesharing companies warn taxi drivers are ready for tough opposition against GEO regulating the field


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The taxi companies’ employers are getting ready for tough opposition, following the draft bill regulating the ridesharing field, posted by the Government for public debate, Catalin Codreanu, President of the Coalition for Digital Economy said on Friday.

“We are confident that the Government will not give up to the pressure and will choose to serve the interest of consumers, by establishing a modern competitive environment,”
Codreanu said.

The Coalition for Digital Economy is standing for the companies Uber, Bolt and Clever.

“At first glance, the draft Government Emergency Ordinance details a complex process for licensing and verifying the applications, the vehicles and the drivers, similar to the one in taxi service. We remind that making it transparent does not change the situation. Incertitude and risk of sanctions for the drivers is still on, so the number of active drivers is half of the daily average. The waiting time remains high, the prices are high. The emergency adoption of the draft put up for public debate is the only solution to return to normal,” Catalin Codreanu said.

Uber, Bolt and Clever announced on May 23 they have reached a deal with the Government representatives for a draft ordinance regarding the alternative transport in Romania.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has confirmed the information and said a Government emergency ordinance will be put up for public debate and will be adopted by the Executive next week.

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