Romania posted a tax evasion of almost RON 3 bn at end-April

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Tax evasion amounts to RON 2.9 billion in the first four months of this year, the fiscal loss was reduced by RON 569 million, according to data presented by Finance Minister Anca Dragu on Sunday, informs.

“We have precautionary measures of RON 1.68 billion, including fines and seizures of RON 94 million related to previous damages.

Fin Min Dragu has also stated that the Fiscal Administration Authority (ANAF) is currently implementing a new IT system, which “will bring extra ammunition” in combating tax evasion.

According to her, tobacco, alcohol and petrol are the sectors with the largest tax evasion.

Recently, ANAF President Dragos Doros said in an interview that the institution he leads is working on two major projects for the computerization of the institution in order to reduce tax evasion: connecting cash registers to an ANAF server and issuing invoices also through an institution’s server.

Both projects could become operational from January 1, 2018, said Doros.

“We have entered the homestretch line with the procedure for buying software and hardware for the project called “Connecting Cash Registers to ANAF Server”. It is a very important project in terms of the fight against petty tax evasion, which is widespread throughout the country. Now, there are 1.2 million cash registers in Romania,” Doros stated.


Social cases need protection in Debt Discharge Law case

As regards Debt Discharge Law, Anca Dragu said that the Public Finances Ministry (MFP) is still waiting for some data from the Financial-Banking Services Users Association (AUSFB) and then it will come with a proposition on the taxation of transactions, in order to protect the social cases.

“We have talked with the AUSFB, I’ve understood a lot of aspects of the law and we believe that although this is not the ministry’s fault, that the law doesn’t provide an exemption for this kind of transactions, we consider the exemption of the social cases. It is about the persons who only own one house and resort to this law,” Fin Min stated.

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