Romania’s foreign exchange reserves, still on a downward slope

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At end-February 2016, the National Bank of Romania (BNR)’s foreign exchange reserves stood at EUR 30,825 million, compared to EUR 31,679 million on January 31st 2016. Foreign exchange reserves in the first month of the current year recorded also a decline, compared to end-December 2015, from EUR 32,238 million.

EUR 2,802 million inflows occurred last month, representing inflows into the Ministry of Public Finances’ accounts (including the amounts resulted from the Ministry of Public Finance issuances of eurobonds with a nominal value of EUR 1,250 million), inflows into the European Commission’s account, changes in the foreign exchange reserve requirements of the credit institutions.

Also, EUR 3,656 million outflows have taken place in February, representing changes in the foreign exchange reserve requirements of the credit institutions, interest and principal payments on foreign currency public debt.

Regarding the interest and principal payments on the foreign currency public debt, it includes the repayment of the principal and interest of the euro denominated bond issued by the Ministry of Public Finances that matured on February 26th 2016 totalizing EUR 1,621.4 million, central data show.

The gold stock remained unchanged at 103.7 tones. However, following the change in the international price of gold, its value amounted to EUR 3,772 million.

The international reserves of Romania (foreign currencies and gold) on February 29th 2016 stood at EUR 34,597 million, compared to EUR 35,079 million on January 31st 2016.

This March, the payments due on public and publicly guaranteed foreign currency denominated debt amount to approximately EUR 95 million.

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