Romgaz to dismiss Director General Virgil Metea for damages worth RON 160m. Emil Cindrea, investigated in InterAgro file, to take over

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The Romgaz Board has decided on Thursday to dismiss Virgil Metea from the position of Director General. His office will be taken over by Emil Cindrea, former Deputy Director General, one of the persons prosecuted by the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) in the file of ‘cheap gas for InterAgro’, informs.

According to sources, Metea is responsible for damages to the company amounting to RON 160 million, for selling cheap gas by violating the legal framework, according to the findings by the Court of Auditors in 2016.

The dismissal comes just 7 months after being nominated for a new four-year mandate. Virgil Metea is Director General with Romgaz since 2013, the same source informs.

Emil Cindrea was Deputy Director General until March 2016, when he submitted his resignation.

The Court of Auditors found out that the company supplied, during 2013-2014, gas on the regulated market above the required quantity according to the legislation. The supply price on the regulated market was lower than the price on the free market. Romgaz challenged the Court of Auditors’ decision, but it was denied. Subsequently, Romgaz filed an action to annul the decision, the Romgaz reports reveal. The company’s management rejected the Court of Auditors’ conclusions, so the financial statements on September 30, 2017 do not include adjustments on these issues, the company’s report on Q3 reads.


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