RON, new record low against the EUR: 4.6822 units

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The RON/EUR exchange rate has reached a a new record, with the national currency reaching a new low of 4.6822 units for the European currency. The EUR has appreciated by 0.11% on Tuesday against the previous session, according to the figures released by the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

The RON/EUR exchange rate has reached three consecutive record lows last week, with a break on Monday, when it appreciated by 0.02%.

The USD/RON exchange rate has reached 4.0973 units on Tuesday, up by 0.42% against Monday.

The national currency has depreciated also against the Swiss Franc by 0.29 bani (0.07%), reaching 4.1553 units for one CHF.

The gram of gold is quoted at RON 169.8613, cheaper by 1.04 bani (0.006%) against the previous session.


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