State budget revenues up by 9.8 pc in 2015 against 2014


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The state budget revenues in 2015 increased by 9.8% as compared to 2014 and the budget deficit was of RON 21,448.2 million, below the approved budgetary provisions, a government statement informs.

State revenues in 2015 totalled RON 103,767.6 million, by RON 5,512.1 million below the approved budgetary provisions, but higher by 9.8% (RON 9,253.9 million) against 2014. The share of the public budget revenues in the GDP also increased as compared to 2014 from 14.2% to 14.7%.

State budgetary expenditures totalled RON 125,215.8 million in 2015, by RON 8,399.4 million below the approved amounts, and the execution of the state budget concluded with a deficit of RON 21,448.2 million – by RON 2,887.3 million (11.9%) below the final budgetary provisions for 2015, the government informs.

“As regards the main sources of revenues to the state budget, profit tax receipts registered a total of RON 13,772.7 million, by RON 181.6 million above the final budgetary provisions for 2015 and represented 13 3% of the total revenues received and 2% of GDP (GDP considered for 2015 of RON 704,542 million),” the statement reads.

According to the executive, the largest share in the state budget revenues had the VAT receipts, totalling RON 57,132.1 million, representing 55.1% of total revenues collected and 8.1% of GDP – up by 12.3% against 2014, although since June 1, 2015 the VAT was cut from 24% to 9% for several products.

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