Tarom general manager, suspended from office


Tarom board has decided on Friday to suspend from office the company’s general manager, Edouard Christian Heinzmann, on March 22, due to management deficiencies, Transport Minister Dan Costescu has announced.

“The manager had to provide the financial resources and personnel to make ends meet for the company. The term provided by the aviation authority is 22, as of March 22 he will not be able to do the job. This is the first point that I’ve received from the Tarom board. (. ..) The lack of accountability and the management deficiencies do not seem right. There are issues related to the failure to meet the revenues and expenditures, instead of registering losses of RON 8 million, Tarom registered USD 41 million losses. These results were registered although last year the kerosene price fell dramatically. If it wasn’t for this advantage, we would have registered a disaster,” Costescu said.

The Director General of Tarom, the Belgian Christian Heinzmann, will be suspended from office of Accountable manager as of March 22, following a report from the Civil Aviation Authority, the Tarom Board of Directors has decided. However, the board could not discuss in its sitting Heinzmann’s activity of general management because Heinzmann had left the meeting and the quorum was no longer met.

“Director Heinzmann showed lack of responsibility in assuming the talks about the management deficiencies. This does not seem right,” said the Minister, adding that the board will meet on Monday in a new sitting.

He added that the body control and noticed various deficiencies in Tarom.

“1,500 days the staff was on sick leave, this is indiscipline. We asked for clarifications regarding the next steps. Next Monday, 3 days from now, the board will meet and take a final decision on the company’s future, decisions must be made quickly,” Costescu said.

He also said that the Tarom operations are conducted normally.

“There may be some delays, but flight safety will not affected,” he noted.

Heinzmann took over the Tarom office on November 19, 2012, after signing a four-year contract.

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