Telekom Romania continues the transformation program, to lay off 692 employees and increase sales through online channels

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Telekom Romania has announced on Thursday it will continue the program started two years ago, which also involved the laying off employees, in order to ensure the sustainable growth of the group.

“Two years ago Telekom Romania initiated a transformation program meant to reduce the complexity of processes, by redefining the operational model, in order to improve the interaction with its customers, through digitalization and simplification. In addition to business initiatives, as part of this program, Telekom Romania is planning to reduce the existing number of 5,831 employees within the group of companies with 692 positions, out of which 438 positions in Telekom Romania Communications S.A. and 254 positions in Telekom Romania Mobile Communications S.A., respectively,” a release from the company reads.

“The continuation of the transformation program ensures the sustainable growth of the group, given the high pace of technology evolution, a highly competitive market, as well as global changes of the business models, which affect the technology companies to a greater extent.

The redundant positions will be decided based on company’s business objectives, in line with the strategy for simplification and digitalization. Within this redundancy process, Telekom Romania will apply social protection measures, according to the law. The performance evaluation will be applied as criterion in selecting the employees occupying similar positions which are in the scope of the redundancy process.

Reducing the complexity of identified internal processes, as well as of product and services portfolio consequently leads to the need for some changes at the level of team structure. Processes optimization, automation and introduction of Robot Process Automations in various internal processes are some of the priorities in all operational areas, with major improvements achieved so far within IT, Technology, Finance and Supply Chain areas.

Within the transformation program, Telekom has reduced its service portfolio and has launched a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing customer experience, with focus on digitalization.

Telekom Romania targets to continue to increase sales through online channels in the next three years. Also, the new account management application, MyAccount Telekom, is getting traction among the customers, leading to better service and simpler management of the personal services account. In the future, customers will be able to identify and troubleshoot most of the issues online, thus spending less time with faults repairs,” the release concludes.

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