The average income of a household in Romania, equal to the minimum wage in Spain

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Romanian households increased their earnings by 15.2% last year, but the expenses grew almost at the same pace.

The overall household revenues in Romania increased last year by 15.2%, to RON 3,392 (EUR 743) per month, while the expenditures increased by 13.9%, to RON 2,874 (EUR 629), according to the figures released on Wednesday by the National Statistics Institute (INS). The total income of a household is close to the net minimum wage in Spain (EUR 733).

In 2016, the average income of a household was RON 2,945 (EUR 656), and the expenses – RON 2,524 (EUR 562) per month.

The monthly income of a family member was RON 1,291 (EUR 283) last year, by RON 179 more than in the previous year.

The money revenues were, on average, RON 3,062 per household per month (RON 1,166 per person) and the in-kind income RON 329 per month per household (RON 125 per person).

Wages and other associated earnings represented the most important source of income (61.2% of total household income), INS informs.

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