The macroeconomic confidence index of CFA Romania fell in September

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The macroeconomic confidence index of CFA Romania fell in September and registered the value of 53.3 points in September, by 11.5 points lower than the previous month, mainly due to the expectation component, a release issued by the association informs in Monday.

The release reads that the index of current conditions was of 67.0, down by 3.8 points, whereas the expectations index fell by 15.3 points to 46.4 points. As regards the RON/EUR exchange rate, the median expectations for six months recorded an anticipated exchange rate of 4.5000 (up by 100 pips), whereas for the 12-month horizon of 4.5000.

The expected inflation rate in 12-month interval (October 2017/October 2016) had a median value of 1.20%, down by 0.30% against the previous year.

The macroeconomic confidence index of CFA Romania recorded in June the value of 58.5 points, by 7.3 points lower against the previous month.

CFA Romania macroeconomic confidence index was launched in May 2011, quantifying financial analysts’ anticipations on the economic activity in Romania for a time horizon of one year.

The survey is conducted during the last week of each month, and participants are members of CFA Romania and candidates for levels II and III of CFA exams.

Macroeconomic confidence index can range from 0 (no confidence) to 100 (complete confidence in the Romanian economy) and is calculated based on six questions.

CFA Romania is the association of investment professionals in Romania, holders of the title Chartered Financial Analyst, qualification administered by the CFA Institute (USA). CFA Romania is one of the 144 member companies of the CFA Institute and has over 160 members.

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