Uber, Bolt and Clever reach agreement with Gov’t, GEO expected next week

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Uber, Bolt and Clever announce they have reached a deal with the Government representatives for a draft ordinance regarding the alternative transport in Romania.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has confirmed the information and said a Government emergency ordinance will put up for public debate later on Thursday and will be adopted by the Executive next week, ziare.com reports.

“Another important issue of public agenda is the regulation of the ride-sharing operations, which was expecting a legislative solution. The Transport Ministry and the Development Ministry have had consultations in the past week with all the players involved, a step appreciated by all parties. Today, the draft emergency ordinance will be put up for public consultation, next week we will adopt the solutions agreed,” Premier Dancila said at the beginning of the Government sitting on Thursday.

The Coalition for Digital Economy, which includes the ride-sharing companies, has issued a release on Thursday, reading that a meeting has taken place at the Transport Ministry, with the Government committed to put up for public debate the GEO. Consensus has been reached on part of the proposals, the release reads.

However, the companies are upset by the fact that their drivers are ‘hunted’ on the street and passengers cannot find a car when they need it.

“We believe the adoption of the ordinance is important, in the first Government sitting. In this way the injustice to passengers and drivers could be straightened. The almost 300,000 signatures of the petition #continuam, in less than 72 hours, show that these services are needed by the Romanians and make a difference for thousands of drivers which support their families,” the release reads.

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