‘Via Carpatia’ to connect Lithuania to Greece, passing through Romania

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A transport corridor linking Lithuania to Bulgaria, to the Greek border, would be built by several Eastern European countries.
The project, called Via Carpatia, has already obtained the agreement of seven countries, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Hungary and Turkey. They signed on Thursday a joint statement in Warsaw, the Polish minister for infrastructure has announced, according to Romania-actualitati.ro.
No figures regarding costs and the project’s start date were mentioned, but the initiators hope to get contributions for funding from the European Union.
Via Carpatia is seen as a development chance for the region, Xinhua also reports. The planned Via Carpatia route is supposed to lead through the territories of these countries, starting from Lithuania and Poland and going straight to Greece. Branch roads are to be built towards Ukraine and Belarus, as well as towards Polish harbours.
Polish Minister of Infrastructure and Development, Andrzej Adamczyk, said after the meeting that Via Carpatia project was a route of life and development for the CEE region countries, an important communication route. He underlined that the meeting aimed at taking further steps in order to implement this initiative.
“It is an undeniable fact that creation of Via Carpatia trail fits in with the progressing economic, social and territorial cohesion of Europe. I am sure of its important positive value for the whole Europe, especially for its central and eastern part, a deepened cooperation within the Carpathians region, in which the Via Carpatia trail will lead a decisive road and will be a lever of development,” Adamczyk said.
It was also underlined during the meeting that the Via Carpatia’s importance was crucial not only for Poland and CEE region, but also for the Baltic countries: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, as well as the Balkan countries, Turkey and Middle East countries.

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