Vignettes to become more expensive: Carriers will pay higher road taxes, in line with European fees

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Carriers will pay road taxes at European level. The road vignettes will be considerably more expensive as of this autumn, for trucks and vans with weights of up to 12 tons. This will result in more expensive consumer goods on the shelves, informs.

The most affected by the imminent price increase to EUR 12 per day will be the logistics firms.

The annual road tax paid for C-category vehicles, i.e. for lorries of up to 12 tonnes, will increase more than twice, to EUR 600.

The annual vignette for vehicles in category D, which includes vans, will be hiked to EUR 100.

The transporters also announce that they will increase their services fees. Higher transport costs will actually result in higher prices for consumer goods.

The Transport Ministry announces that it will not increase the road tax for cars. The representatives of the Transport Ministry claim that the price increase is needed in order to avoid possible sanctions against Romania from the European Commission.

The fees for the use of road infrastructure had to be aligned to those of other European countries since February 2014, the representatives of the institution say. The money collected from the road tax is invested in the maintenance of the road infrastructure, officials with the road infrastructure say.

The new tariffs would most likely be applies as of this autumn, the same source informs.

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