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Traian Basescu says will sue Igor Dodon, is looking for attorney

Former President Traian Basescu, currently PMP chairman, has announced on Thursday he would sue the President of Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon for signing the decree by which he stripped Basescu of Moldovan citizenship.

Republic of Moldova President Igor Dodon signed on Tuesday the decree to withdraw the Moldovan citizenship of former Romanian President Traian Basescu. The document refers only to Traian Basescu and not to his wife Maria Basescu.

“I am looking for the best lawyer in Republic of Moldova. I have six months ahead. The decree comes into force after six months and right now I am looking for an attorney to sue Dodon,” Traian Basescu said.

“I’ve signed the decree to withdraw the R. of Moldova citizenship from Mr. Traian Basescu,” Igor Dodon wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Previously, as deputy of Moldova’s parliament, I said the citizenship has been granted illegally. Traian Basescu repeatedly called for cancelling the statehood of R. of Moldova by annexation to Romania. Ever since during his presidency, he refused to recognise the Moldovan statehood and the existence of the Moldovan people,” Dodon wrote.

“All these are contrary to the supreme law – the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova. More so, during the procedures of granting the Moldovan citizenship, countless notifications from several institutions were ignored, including the existence of a criminal investigation,” the new Moldovan President wrote.

The President of Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon announced on December 26 he would strip former Romanian head of state Traian Basescu of Moldovan citizenship by year-end. Dodon announced he will cancel the decree signed by his predecessor Nicolae Timofti.

On November 3, Traian Basescu and his wife Maria Basescu were sworn in as Moldovan citizens at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Bucharest, on November 13 they voted for the presidential elections in neighbouring Moldova.

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