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Transplants blocked, ANT warns

Transplants blocked, ANT warns

No organ transplant has been conducted countrywide lately since the row involving the National Transplant Agency (ANT), said Radu Deac, the ANT executive director. He argued that no doctor agreed to give his consent for such a procedure for fear of not being involved in this scandal.

“The recent attacks against ANT and against the transplant activity in the public space had as consequence that no transplant has been operated in Romania, which is unprecedented. In the case of the only donor in brain death reported in Satu Mare a day ago, the forensic doctor refused to give his consent for fear of not being involved in the media scandal that we are witnessing.

Under these circumstances, we want to underline that the control over the transplant activity is needed and errors must be promptly corrected when they are proved.

Excessive media coverage of a situation that is not clarified all the way, failing all information that we need, sometimes denigrating affirmations, calumnies against some people in the transplant activity can lead difficulties in obtaining the donation consent and lead to a drop in the transplant activity and to the increase of mortality among those who are waiting for a transplant,” Radu Deac, ANT executive director told a press conference on Monday.

The coordinator of the transplant programme within the National Transplant Agency, Victor Zota, added that the doctor is the one who decided which patient will undergo a transplant surgery depending on the immunological compatibility and that’s why there is no order on the waiting list.

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