500-year-old historical monument castle sold at the price of a bedsit

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A 500-year-old castle in Brasov county was sold in record time after the sale offer has been posted on a classifieds website. Guthman-Valenta castle in Hoghiz, found on the list of the historical monuments, was put for sale for underprice of EUR 38,000, estimated to be the price of a bedsit. The new owner’s identity is not known yet.

The castle has 2,500 square meters divided in eight rooms and an 8,000-sqm courtyard. However the building is an obvious state of decay.

A Renaissance monument, Guthman-Valenta was built in 1553 and then rehabilitated sometime in the 18th century. It had several owners during its existence, from nobles and rich merchants to ordinary people.

Guttmann de Gelse et Belistye for instance was a Magyar family whose descendants were officers, doctors, barons, lawyers and princesses.

Today, the castle is a beautiful “ruin” and its enchanting gardens devastated. At some point during communism, the castle was sheltering the office of the State Agriculture Enterprise. The last ‘owner’ was a Roma family who used to dwell in the former luxury reception rooms without having doors, floors or windows.castelul-guthmanvalenta_21

In 2014, the company owning the castle went bankrupt and it was put up for auction. The man who bought it back then did have enough money to revamp it, so he put it up for sale again.

The current fresh owner of the castle wished to remain anonymous. Experts say that its renovation will be expensive.

The town hall could have bought it but a single vote was failing in the local council to approve the acquisition. “We would have like to turn in into museum, we wanted to revamp the entire castle, we even have an ongoing project,” Hoghiz deputy mayor Kadar Attila told Digi 24.

There are two more castles in Hoghiz. The Haller castle was purchased by the town hall in 2010 for the price of RON 400,000. It hosted the locality’s school and then it was retroceded.

A third castle here is Kalnoky. It was retroceded to the heirs of the Magyar noblemen who owned it before 1900. Now the castle is dwelled by some locals.

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