5th episode “Wild Carpathia” capturing Romania in winter

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British journalist Charlie Ottley, producer of the “Wild Carpathia”, has come back to Romania to film the fifth and last episode of the documentary. This time, the documentary, which is released in over 100 countries, is exploring nature during the winter season. The shootings will end in early spring.

Now, Charlie Ottley’s film crew is in the Carpathians , trying to capture the picturesque areas at the foot of Tampa mountain in Brasov.

„We’ll show that Romania is a beautiful destination anytime at the year, particularly in the winter, when you can come for the Christmas celebrations, there is the lights, the festivals, the traditions, and there is also the skiing, hiking, to show tourists all the sports they can do. So, we basically, want to showcase Romania’s winter  to the world and at the same time to encourage people to come more to the forests and wilderness,” said Charlie Ottley.

The British journalist managed to raise almost EUR 150,000 funds to back up the last episode of his documentary.

Ottley said that people will be able to see the entire Transylvania region through Brasov, as it is the perfect winter destination: you can go skiing here, in Sinaia, Busteni, Poiana Brasov ski resorts.

We would add up Brasov’s iconic surroundings, mountain areas and picturesque villages, like Sirnea, pictured below, or the county’s exquisite fortified churches.

Alexander Slash, Unsplash

The previous fourth episode of the documentary, „Wild Carpathia – Season of Change” ,was launched in Romania in September 2016. Back then, Charlie Ottley dedicated the documentary to the current generation, saying he made it to promote and protect Romania’s natural patrimony.

According to Ottley, the last Wild Carpathia episode follows the season change, from the “glorious autumn to winter recesses up to spring arrival”.

The British team worked for 14 months for this last episode, a total of over 100 hours shot in Transylvania, Moldova, Bukovina and Maramureș.

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