A day as a holiday to Danube Delta: Sliding into the wilderness amongst water lilies and pelicans

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As summer holiday season approaches, travel agencies are closing ranks to provide their best offers for tourists, with a special focus on the incoming tourism this year.

With Romania’s being loaded with unique, iconic destinations, and with the tourists’ high appetite for traveling, Hello Holidays travel agency has come up with a unique concept of one-day trips across the country. „O zi cat o vacanta/ A day as a holiday” trips powered by Hello Holidays are providing an one-day break from the routine and the experience of a journey in Romania and Bulgaria, for sightseeing and relaxing.

One of the seven UNESCO areas in Romania and the only delta in the world that was awarded the title of Biosphere Reservation, the Danube Delta is also available for an one-day trip.

Alina Grigoras, RJ

In  recent infotrip from Bucharest to Sf. Gheorghe Channel, via Slobozia – Tulcea – Mahmudia, we went “on the scene” and had an exquisite cruise on speedboats, gliding on the most picturesque channels and lakes between Sf. Gheorghe and Sulina arms. The cruise enchanted the viewers’ eyes with traditional fishing settlements, remarkable landscapes filled with white and yellow waterlilies, pelicans, cormorants and even wild horses spotted through the twisted trees of the delta shores’ patches of land.


Tourists can also notice the striking contrast between modern pensions and the old roof cottages and fisheries hidden on the banks of the turquoise waters of the channels.

The cruise to the birds’ and flowers’ paradise lasts around 3 hours, dubbed by the precious information and unedited stories of the guiding boatmen (I heard some good ones, too, stay tuned for an exclusive feature).


And when you are interrupted only for a traditional fishing lunch into the wild, in a natural setting surrounded by willow trees and water rippling and accompanied by Lipovan traditional music and dances, the journey can be considered complete.


Food and accommodation suggestion: Casa Teo Mahmudia (plenty of fish dishes, including the famous fish soups, fried fish, all sprinkled with fine rose wine and the famous tuica).

The perfect months to travel to the Danube Delta is May and September, when the weather is fine and the mosquitos are less annoying. Fishing is usually prohibited till June 9.

The Danube Delta, a UNESCO site, internationally protected, shelters over 5,000 species of animals and plants, over 300 species of birds, most of them with protected status, the largest colony of pelicans and the widest compact area of reeds in Europe.

The Danube Delta is also known for its underwater dinosaurs, sturgeons, which are the largest freshwater fish in the world.

Due to the unsustainable exploitation of the resources in the delta, the freshwater species are the most affected ones, the decline amounting to 81%, which is more than double as against the sea and land species.

by Cristian Nistor with the courtesy of Storytellingpr

92 one-day trips available in 2021

Overall, within the Hello Holidays one-day trip programme, tourists can visit monasteries, castles, palaces, archaeological sites, salt mines, museums, can tour the Danube Delta channels, can sunbathe at Gura Portitei for one day, can visit Fagaras Land, Transfagarasan and Transalpina alpine roads and many more.

As many as 92 one–day trips are organized overall in 2021, under the brand“O zi cât o vacanță”, in Romania and  Bulgaria, up by 40 trips as against the previous year. Hello Holidays estimates double sales for „O zi cât o vacanță“ programmes in Romania for 2021. For instance, two coaches with 120 tourists, not just one, were organized for the one-day trip to Danube Delta in mid-May.

Transport is by coaches, which are cutting-edge SETRA models, equipped with up to 63 adjustable seats, AC, DVD, GPS and individual lamps, etc. Overall, the Hello Holidays Transport fleet counts 12 coaches, 6 minibuses and 7 cars.

One-day trips are also available from other Romanian cities, depending on t he schedule, not only from Bucharest.

Hello Holidays, a travel agency set up 14 years ago, organizes circuits in Romania and 36 other countries in Europe and Asia, also providing vacations in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Albania and Bulgaria by coach or by plane. The one-day programmes “O zi cât o vacanță” are made in Romania and Bulgaria on relatively short distances.

The 2021 novelties for the one-day trips by bus

Journey to Prislop Monastery – Corvini Castle – Densus Church – Sarmizegetusa

Journey to Monasteries and Palace near Bucharest

Journey to the fortified sights in Fagaras Land

Journey to Celic Dere Monastery – Tulcea – Enisala

Journey to Gura Portitei Beach

Journey to Fagaras Land – La Valtori

Journey to the Lavender Garden – Salina Slanic

All “O zi cât o vacanță” options for  2021 are available here.

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