A quarter of Romanians are becoming sad on their way back from holiday, study says

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The study conducted by the free travel metasearch momondo.ro team reveals that about half of Romanians feel sad or don`t feel like working after they return from a vacation.

The relaxation specific to a trip makes us plan it as often as only possible, but returning to the ordinary life after a few special days changes the mood of at least 51% of the study participants.

When the sadness appears

Most Romanians who said that their good mood is affected after a trip say that this condition usually occurs on the way back home (25%) or on the last day of vacation (24%). The largest share of responses related to the last day of leave is found in the questionnaires of those in Chile: 41%.

As for respondents in the Netherlands, it seems that the situation is quite different: only 33% say they feel sad after the end of a holiday, and most of them (22%) start to feel this only on the first day after they got home.

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What are we doing to tune up our mood?

60% of Romanians try to secure a few days off immediately after returning from their vacation, in order to adjust to their daily lives. Those who fail to do this, try to finish the program earlier than normal, take medical leave, or simply do not take all the responsibilities while they are at work. Of course, after a few more days, everything is back to normal.

By comparison, only 45% of the participants in France said that they offer themselves a few days of transition to the ordinary life, when the trip ends and again from Chile comes the opposite: 73% of the respondents grant a slower start when they return from holiday.

What scares us and what we like when we return

Over half of the Romanians (54%) are just waiting to sleep in their bed again after a few days of being away. The next thing for which the co-nationals are impatient is to share their holiday experiences with family or friends: 47% of the respondents said this, representing the highest percentage of all the countries participating in the study. Finns are not waiting to do this, with a percentage of only 14%.

Surprisingly or not, we are most eager to return to work after the holiday is over, 29% of respondents checking this option, unlike those in Italy, Poland or Finland, each with a 6% percentage.

As for the less attractive things, 43% of the Romanians said that the washing of the clothes used during the holidays demotivates them the most, followed by the shopping to fill the empty fridge (24%), the cooking without too many supplies left in the house (10%) or house cleaning (10%).

Tips for a smooth recovery after the holiday fun

Whether you have had endless parties or just relaxing walks in nature, resuming your routine can be tedious. However, there are some habits recommended by travelers that can help restore balance:

– Hydration. Most likely, the water was not always available nearby during the holidays, therefore, monitoring the 2 liters of recommended fluids will greatly help in removing the headaches. Eating healthier food is advisable for the same reasons.

– Socialization. Seeing your friends will bring more energy and good vibe, necessary to make the transition from the state of travel to the office one.

– Planning your next vacation. The enthusiasm during the leave must be redirected to something with the same potential, so plans for the next destination will keep it active. Also, the lessons from the just completed vacation are fresh, so they will be applied more effectively if the plans start right then.

– Keeping in touch with people you met during your trip. Having recent common topics, will help empathy work very well.

– Creating new habits. New and exciting things should not only be tried exceptionally, but they can become part of everyday life. Thus, the perception of home days will constantly improve.

The study has been made on data collected in 2019 through an online survey among 23.400 respondents from 22 countries, out of which 1006 are Romanians of 18 to 65 years old.

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