A rare species, rediscovered after 40 years


The members of a mountain club from Valcea discovered that the black adder has not disappeared from Romania. They were recording the beauties from Parang when the black reptile came into sight.

This viper species hasn’t been seen in Romania for 41 years.

Black vipers are completely black and measure between 40 and 60 cm. Such exemplars were last seen in the 70’s in Fagaras Mountains and in Piatra Craiului National Park.

They prefer habitats with high humidity and large temperature differences between day and night. They usually live at heights over 1,500 m.

Bites from this species can lead a man to death in 10 hours, if not given an antidote. If a tourist is bitten, avoid movement as far as possible so that the venom cannot spread and try to remove liquid by making a notch where the bite is. Placing a tourniquet is needed as the venom spreads rapidly through the body. However, it is advisable that the tourist call 112 and announce the authorities to administer the antiviperin serum as soon as possible.

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