A Romanian city on the list of the safest travel destinations in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic

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The city of Sibiu, central Romania, has been included on the list of the safest travel destinations in Europe during the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a European Best Destinations ranking.

Tourists want to be sure that the regions they are traveling to are safe for their health, as many countries in Europe have re-opened their borders to welcome visitors.

The authors of the ranking say that “there were 15 times fewer “Covid-19″ cases in Romania than in the most affected European countries,” and there is no quarantine requested after July 1.

“Do you want a final argument to reassure you? Did you know that Romania has more available hospital beds per inhabitant than Belgium, Switzerland or the Netherlands? In addition, hospitals in Sibiu were never overcrowded during this health crisis and could, accommodate travellers if necessary,” reads the description.

According to the above-mentioned sources,  Sibiu “is a perfect destination for all types of travellers: for Instagram addicts who want to blow up their Insta accounts, for history buffs and nature lovers.”

Sibiu is also mentioned as the city hosting many green spaces, “soft mobility, leisure spaces, parks”, which is also fighting against global warming and taking actions to protect the environment.

“Sibiu is  famous now and is regarded as one of the European destinations with the best quality of life (…) It  is also committed to sustainable tourism development based on respect for nature and human beings.”


The same source, European Best Destinations, has dubbed Sibiu among the trendiest Best European Destinations in 2020.

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