A witch tomb accidentally discovered in Carei, Satu Mare

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A tomb of a ‘dark millennium’ witch, containing pendants with the hammer of Thor and with Hercules’ knot has been discovered accidentally during excavations at Carei city’s ring road in Satu Mare county (northwestern Romania).

The discovery is sensational for archaeologists, as it revealed a true Gepid cemetery hosting exclusive items that are not found anywhere else in the region.

The tomb was actually tracked down several years ago during diggings for Carei’s ring road but it was only now that local archaeologists realised how important the items are.

So, the Gepid cemetery dates back in the 6th century and they believe it might host up to 1,000 tombs. For now,the dig has been conducted at only 28 tombs.

Archaeologist Robert Gindele from Satu Mare County Museum told Agerpres that Gepids, a Germanic tribe, used to live on these lands around the years of 550, 600 AD.

He explained they had discovered the tomb of a special woman, probably a witch, as an amber amulet was found on her belt representing the Germanic god of Thor, which is extremely rare. They also found the so-called Hercules’ knot which is of Greek-Roman origin and symbolises marriage. The belt also contained a deer tooth, which is linked to the other world, so they believe the woman used to practice magic rituals.

New studies are underway to find out more information about the alleged mysterious witch.

All that is known is that this woman used to play an important part in the Gepid society, which is revealed by the fact she had this type of pendant, unlike the rest of the Gepid women.

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