Baile Felix, the largest permanent spa resort in Romania


Baile Felix is a thermal spa resort, 8 kilometers away from Oradea, Bihor County. It is the best known and one of the most appreciated spa resorts in the country. The resort has a temperate continental climate with oceanic influences from the west. Summers are not excessively hot and winters are mild.

Some say thermal springs were discovered around 1000, others say around 1200, and according to other experts were discovered later in 1700. The name of the resort links to various treatments since year 1000 when the hot springs were discovered by a monk, Felix Helcher, who gave his name to the resort; in Latin Felix means happiness. The only fact undisputed by historians would be the presence of the first buildings in this resort: between 1711 and 1721.

Felix is also ??the largest resort in Romania, unique in our country and internationally recognized. Thermal springs draw every year thousands of tourists, no matter the season.

Baile Felix ??remarks by the abundance of the hot springs (20-48 ° C), containing sulfur, sodium, and calcium, discovered at the beginning of the millennium. The resort has modern treatment facilities, with all necessary for bathing in bathtubs or pools with mineral water, physiotherapy pools with thermal mineral water, hot mud treatments, physiotherapy, inhalations and aerosols, etc., which allow effective treatment even in cold seasons.

baile_felix_lac_de_nuferiAnother attraction in the area is the lake covered in water lilies. It is a thermal lake where it grows and blooms in summer, the Indian Lotus with pink flowers (also called the sacred lotus or Nelumbo Nucifera) and the White Water Lily (Nymphae Lotus Thermalis). The water temperature remains constantly at 30 degrees Celsius. Pink lotus flowering occurs between April and October, and the white one begins to bloom in the first decade of June.


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