Baile Tusnad, the smallest city in Romania where you can breathe the purest air

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Baile Tusnad Resort, Harghita County is located at 650 meters above sea level and is the smallest city in the country (according to the 2011 census). Also known as the ‘Pearl of Transylvania’, Baile Tusnad is renowned for its salt lakes, mineral waters, therapeutic mud and strongly negative ionized air.

Tusnad is drawing nearly half a million tourists on an annual basis, with tourists being eager to enjoy mineral water treatments, recommended especially for those with heart diseases. Baile Tusnad was set up in 1842 and became famous for its healing thermal waters. Some say that the miraculous cure of a shepherd’s son pointed to the therapeutic effect of the mineral waters. Since 1845 they began to exploit these miraculous natural resources and the resort started to develop. Later on, when the Revolution of 1848 started, the resort was destroyed, but rehabilitated afterwards.

The resort is positioned in an extremely beautiful landscape, on the western slopes of the volcanic Massif Ciomad, Olt Defile, surrounded by pine and broadleaf forests, hence the very fresh and negative ionized air. Ciomad Massif is one of the youngest Carpathian volcanic formations; volcanic phenomena in Tusnad area had an important role in the formation and development of the resort. The presence of carbon dioxide vapors and mineral waters allowed practicing therapeutic treatments and created the necessary environment for the city to become an important spa resort. Scientific studies have shown that mineral waters and treatments in Tusnad Resort have extraordinary effects for patients suffering from heart, blood or circulatory system diseases. The mineral waters have soothing effect upon the nervous system and are effective in stomach affections. Tusnad Resort is  also well-known for its mofettes. Pucioasa Cave is considered the largest natural mofetta in the world. Cave walls are covered with droplets containing sulfur that are also used in ophthalmic disorders.

Right in the middle of the resort is Lake Ciucas which was created in 1900, particularly for tourism purposes. No matter the season, you will never get bored here, in summer you can choose the water sports or boating on Lake Ciucas and in winter you can go skating or skiing.

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