Bran Castle welcomed over half a million visitors in 2014

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Bran Castle continues to be the most visited tourist attraction in Brasov County and among the most visited across the country, with over 540,000 visitors last year, out of which more than half were foreign tourists.

“(…) I think the events we have held during last year starting with Valentine’s Day, the International Women’s Day, the musical evenings, the exhibitions opened in the castle on Easter or on Christmas, but also on other occasions, the medieval festivals, the events organized with the occasion of International Children’s Day and others attract tourists. We shall organize such events in 2015 as well, but we will also have new ones coming,”  Alexandru Priscu, representative of the Bran Castle’s administration told Agerpres.

Since 2009, Bran Castle became the property of Archduke Dominic Habsburg and his sisters Maria Magdalena Holzhausen and Elisabeth Sandhofer, yet staying open to the public.

In the past, after 1918 when Transylvania became part of Greater Romania, namely in 1920, the citizens of Brasov offered the castle to Queen Maria of Romania, through a unanimous decision of the city’s council. The Castle became a favorite residence of Queen Maria, who restored and arranged it to be used as a residence of the royal family.

From 1920 until 1932, the Castle was converted into a royal summer residence, coordinated by the Czech architect Karen Liman, who also designed the castles Peles and Pelisor. In 1956, Bran Castle was transformed by the communist authorities into a museum.

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