Bucharest’s travel hot spots, including the grilled meatballs in Obor Market, featured by US writer in NYT article


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Susanne Fowler, an US writer who had recently visited Bucharest, has published a feature article in The New York Times about her experience in the Romanian Capital, recounting about former Communist ruler Nicolae Ceausescu’s villa, but also about corruption and “micii/the grilled meatballs” in Obor Market.

The American writer’ s article entitled „36 Hours in Bucharest” presents the Romanian Capital as “brimming with Italian-style cafes, museums, parks and restaurants that celebrate the country’s rich cuisine while rebounding from decades of repression.”

However, amid praises, the author doesn’t forget to mention the references to the latest allegations of government corruption.

Bucharest is like cilantro, a Romanian resident once told me: You either love it or hate it. But there’s much to love about a city that provides a less-expensive taste of Europe (Romania is in the European Union but not in the eurozone). Still grappling with allegations of government corruption and working to rebound from layers of grim history, the present-day capital remains a bit rough around the edges, but offers a rich ethnic culture, a resurgent arts and crafts scene, beautiful parks and a booming night life,” the article begins.

The author tells readers about her three-day trip to Bucharest, describing some of the city’s hot spots, like Ceausescu’s Mansion, also known as the Spring Palace, Cismigiu Park, one of the oldest public gardens in Bucharest, Village and Peasant Museums or the Romanian Athenaeum building, but also recommending several locations to eat and drink, restaurants, pubs or cafes and bistros, including here the well known grilled meatballs in Obor Market, which thus become representative for the street food in the Romanian capital.

Fowler does not forget to mention some fashion-related venues or local artists.

Read the full story here.

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