Busteni, one of the most popular mountain resorts in Romania


Busteni is a little town located in Prahova Valley (Prahova County) at the foot of Bucegi Mountains, 135 kilometers away from Bucharest. The average altitude of the resort is approximately 900 meters. From touristic point of view, Busteni has one of the most enchanting locations, surrounded by Bucegi Mountains with their impressive peaks, 2,505 meters maximum altitude. The little town stretches over 7 kilometers along Prahova Valley, between ‘Vadul Cerbului’ and ‘Muchia Lunga’. The main local industries are wood industry and tourism.

Busteni is one of the most popular mountain resorts, offering spectacular views, a lot of opportunities and holiday activities, from skiing to hiking. This area has unusual rock formations, such as the Sphinx and Babele (the Old Women). Omu Peak is the highest in Bucegi, with 2,505 meters.

The resort is the departure point for hiking on some of the most attractive routes in Bucegi. Marked trails facilitate trips with duration from a half hour to one day. Among them we mention: Busteni – Urlatoarea Grand Valley (Valea Urlatoarea Mare)-Urlatoarea Fall (1 hour); Busteni – Cabana Gura Dihamului – Cabana Diham (3 hours); Busteni – Pichetu Rosu – Cabana Omu (6 to 7 hours, in winter the route end at Pichetu Rosu); Busteni – Cantonul Jepi – Cabana Piatra Arsa – Cabana Caraiman – Cabana Babele (5 to 6 hours, accessible in winter only for trained tourists); Busteni – Poiana Costilei – Cabana Malaiesti (in winter, the road is accessible only for climbers and skilled skiers).

In winter, in Busteni resort, tourists can go skiing and sledding. There are ski slopes with different difficulty levels. The resort is also famous for the Kalinderu ski slope, one of the most modern in Romania, internationally homologated. Busteni is equipped with cable transport, connecting the area with Bucegi plateau.

A large commemorative monument, Heroes’ Cross (Crucea Eroilor), about 25 meters high, watches over Busteni from Caraiman Peak.The monument is lighted at night and is visible everywhere in Busteni.

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