Cisnadioara Fortress, among the oldest Romanic monuments in Transylvania

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Cisnadioara is a village in Transylvania, 10 kilometers away from Sibiu. In Cisnadioara you can find a Romanesque basilica from the second half of the 12th century and the oldest functional organ with pipes in Romania (early 18th century).

The fortress, built between 1180 and 1200, is the oldest Roman basilica and it is located on the top of Saint Michael’s Hill. The fortified church is surrounded by 6 meters high walls and offers a splendid view on Sibiu Valley. The church’s construction is rather simple, a bigger central aisle and two side aisles with narrow windows.

They say that the French settlers, established in the area after the Cistercian order (a Catholic monastic order), were the first who founded Cisnadioara.

The first certification of Cisnadioara in an official document dates back from 1223. Archaeological researches ran in the area proved the existence of an organized living on the hill, long before 1223. The Romanesque basilica looks like a fortified citadel, known as Cisnadioara Fortress, is currently considered the symbol of the village.

The fortress has been preserved in the same structure for 800 years, the last revamping dating back in 1241, after the Tatar invasion. Mostly, the Fortress looks today as it did in the mid of 13th century.

If you who arrive in the area you can also visit the Evangelical Church, located in the center of the village or you can go to the Cretaceous Limestone Natural Reservation, which is located on the Silver Valley, only 1 kilometer away from the village.


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