Colibita – a magical place in the heart of Transylvania


Colibita is a village in Bistrita Bargaului commune, in Bistrita-Nasaud County, Transylvania. It is located 38 kilometers from Bistrita and has its beginnings around 1850. In 1979 the village was moved nearby Mita, to make way for a storage reservoir. Relocation didn’t lead to the complete dissolution of the village, but on the contrary to its growth.

The artificial lake in Colibita, located at an altitude of 900 meters, stretches on 270 hectares surface area, with 13 kilometers length and an approximately volume of 65 million cubic meters of water. The artificial lake appeared creating a dam between 1977 and 1991 for power efficiency, water supplies for downstream establishments, industry, irrigation and water flow control for Bistrita River.

You will find Colibita in a wild area in Calimani Mountains. Some compare the untamed beauty of Colibita village to Switzerland. This area is highly appreciated by foreign tourists, extreme sports enthusiasts. You must try kayaking, rafting and last, but not least, water skiing.  Here you can also go fishing, swimming, take boat or canoe trips; you can hike on well-established routes, or just enjoy the nature and the fresh air.

This superb location is half an hour drive from Bistrita and 20 km from Dracula’s castle in Tihuta Pass.

Surrounded by fir and pine spruce forests, Colibita is a tourist destination that promises to grow from one year to the next.

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